Share your story for Lent…..”My time at New Hall”

MY TIME AT NEW HALL Being a Mothers' Union member has certainly provided many opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of worthwhile causes  world-wide. A significant one came into my life twelve years ago. The Mothers’ Union asked for volunteers to work in the Mother and Baby Unit at New Hall Women’s Prison and [...]

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Share your story for Lent….I had a vision….

During an interregnum in 2010 the church had a prayer meeting one January evening. I was asking God how we might best love and serve the people of our village of Crofton, Wakefield. As often happens in my experience in prayer meetings, my mind started to wander. I got to thinking about those who are [...]

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Share your story for Lent….Why am I a Christian?

I started going to church regularly shortly before my youngest son was born, having been inspired by my child-minder’s life.  It was some years later that I became a Christian, and only within the last 5 years that I have really lived the gospel message of hope and love.  An abused childhood and 20 years battling depression [...]

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A message from Bishop Tony for Lent….

I committed to the Rule of Life from Advent Sunday like many of you who joined me in trying to build up a Community of All Saints here in the Wakefield Episcopal Area. It is a strength to know there are so many of you who have agreed to do the same thing and together [...]

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