Share your story for Lent…..why I am a Christian

Part of the answer to this – which is a HUGE question – is because I met Brian (now my husband). As in so many of the gospel accounts, it was seeing something in another person that opened the way to discover Jesus for myself. I was born just before the end of the war, [...]

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Share your story for Lent….God is spirit

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go’ A year ago I wrote about how I was struggling with my faith. I’d no idea who God was, where he was, if he existed at all even. I was seeing the problems going on all over the world, the displacement of peoples and the persecution of [...]

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Share your story for Lent…..”My time at New Hall”

MY TIME AT NEW HALL Being a Mothers' Union member has certainly provided many opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of worthwhile causes  world-wide. A significant one came into my life twelve years ago. The Mothers’ Union asked for volunteers to work in the Mother and Baby Unit at New Hall Women’s Prison and [...]

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Share your story for Lent….I had a vision….

During an interregnum in 2010 the church had a prayer meeting one January evening. I was asking God how we might best love and serve the people of our village of Crofton, Wakefield. As often happens in my experience in prayer meetings, my mind started to wander. I got to thinking about those who are [...]

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