A message from Bishop Tony for Lent….

I committed to the Rule of Life from Advent Sunday like many of you who joined me in trying to build up a Community of All Saints here in the Wakefield Episcopal Area.

It is a strength to know there are so many of you who have agreed to do the same thing and together we are exploring during the year how we can live up to this Rule of Life to Pray, Grow and Act.

The more we develop this sense of community, through events such as the Quiet Day and the day trip to Holy Island, the more we are committed in our search for God through a deepening prayer life, time to learn more about our faith and how we can put that into practice.

For me, spending more quality time in prayer in a busy life has been a challenge, but one where I feel I am beginning to find some strength and feel closer to God. I set aside some time everyday. Not the same time, but some time. Sometimes it’s in a quiet place like the cathedral or a chapel or church, other times it’s on the train to London, or in my car when I am busy traveling round.

Grow for me means constantly looking for new opportunities to learn and develop my faith and I am always encouraged by the talks at Follow Me and would strongly recommend that you try to come along to these sessions in Wakefield Cathedral. There is one left in this current series on April 27th.

Act for me is more about listening. I am conscious while visiting people over the last three months and talking to them about their faith and knowing how committed people are; putting their faith into practice where they are and where they can.


The biggest change in my life over the last three months is caring for my mother who is now 92 and who needs more attention and more time than ever before after two stays in hospital over the last year. I won’t pretend this is easy for me, but I have come to the realisation that this is my commitment to her, This is my act of faith. 

My mum with her new grandson

As I have shared this with you, I ask that you reflect on your first three months as part of this new community of ours and share your story. Lent is now upon us and I would like to launch a campaign to share our stories of faith over the 40 days of Lent as we go forward towards Easter.

Lent is that special time of the year for us to deepen our faith and commitment; please join me and share your story of how the Community is impacting on your life – how you are applying that Rule of Life to Pray, Grow, Act in your own life, in your own way.

If you are happy to share yours, please email me your story Bishop.tony@leeds.anglican.org







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