Share your stories for Lent…What does my faith mean to me, Ethan, aged 11

What does my faith mean to me?

To me, faith means to learn a deeper understanding of my Christian and other religious beliefs. Since God is with me wherever I go it means that I can learn how he has a bearing on my everyday life and how I can help and learn from others.

How will I be keeping lent?

For Lent I will try to help out at church more i.e. returning to serving or attending Stations of the Cross

Miming bible stories in Wakefield Cathedral youth event

Noah’s Ark was the winning mime from S Helen’s Hemsworth

Night at the Cathedral

Ethan was part of the winning team from S Helen’s at the Cathedral event. They won the best Bible story mime with their interpretation of Noah’s Ark…pictured left. They got an extra go at the chocolate fountain!!

I enjoyed the Night at the Cathedral as it got young people from different churches together to solve a murder mystery. I also enjoyed that the music that was being played; it offered a different insight into how religion is portrayed. I also enjoyed that there were other activities on offer and a variety of foods/snacks to enjoy so that we did not need to bring our own food.


Ethan, aged 11 goes to St Helen’s Church, Hemsworth

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