Share your story for Lent….Do all the good you can …sustains me

Eileen, middle, with other members of the Wakefield branch in Pinderfields hospital with their dementia project.

Jane, my daughter, was born on All Saints, so that is a special day for me – as is the feast of Epiphany – my baptism day. I have never knew what is not to believe God exists, knowing Charlie Cole (former vicar in Wakefield Diocese) so well, confirmed my desire to hold on to God. I have been well blessed.

But that is not enough – we must all grow daily in God’s Holy Spirit!.

You challenge us to say what if anything  we have done in the past three months


Dare I put down anything – what have I to offer – that is a challenge – but well I am at least trying to act on the promise made at All Saints Day –

PRAY – the middle of the night is often my best time to pray – I no longer wake up anxious to go back to sleep – and God seems very close then.

GROW – going forward and Reflection – Each day is a new day, no two days are ever the same.

The simple statement – Do all the good you can etc, takes me daily forward.

ACT – Keeping a promise to go  regularly  into a nursing home to be with Angie Daniel – 94 – whose funeral I with MU friends attended a few weeks ago – our friendship stretched back over 20 years.

Angie finally entered a nursing home for the last time shortly before Christmas.  I kept my promise to visit her after every Sunday and Wednesday following communion. She knew I had come direct from church – here was someone I could care for – her eyes lit up whenever I called in.

Each visit pointed to her getting weaker and frailer – when Angie stopped being able to talk she continued to raise her hand when hearing my voice.

We agreed that I would recite the confirmation prayer – especially as she got weaker the words ‘daily increase in thy holy spirit’  (she had told me earlier she was confirmed when she was 11) seemed just right.

I called on her last day of life, and understand I was probably  her last visitor – telling her it’s ok to let go – with the confirmation prayer was a very moving moment – Angie always believed she would go straight to heaven,  I trust she indeed has.

Her son, whom I had never met when she was alive, said he did not believe – but acknowledged his mother did and wanted the Cathedral Branch MU banner to go before her into Church, pleased to have our MU prayer recited as part of the service and for the guard of honor to be formed outside the church.

He had no idea that his mother had been a MU member for 54 years, he had no idea that she had been licensed to administer the chalice.

I have no idea what effect these actions have had on him or his wife –  we may never know how or if  this simple act of witness from MU members gave them comfort – but I know that for Angie our actions were meaningful.  May she rest in peace and rise in Glory


   Eileen Warburton is the President of the Wakefield Area MU.





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