Share your story for Lent….My faith means wherever I go, I know I am not alone.

Michelle is pictured here on her confirmation day with Bishop Tony and her vicar, Fr David

For nearly 50 years I was lost in a spiritual wilderness, I have quite an academic type of brain, to make sense of something I need the evidence, the facts and the science, therefore I found it very difficult to make sense of the scriptures and accept that there was a God.


My church at Altofts, Wakefield

And then, 15 months ago, I was invited to attend a Christingle service – feeling a little nervous I agreed to go along to support my partner.  I was made to feel so welcome by everyone and before I knew it, I had become a regular attendee at Sunday Morning Mass.

One Sunday after mass, whilst chatting with Father David, I mentioned my confusion between the science and the scriptures and in only a few short minutes and for the first time in my life it all made sense and I could see how they fit together.

Seven months later, I was confirmed by Bishop Tony and now whilst it is still work in progress and I have so much yet to learn, I know I have become a better person by trying to live by God’s rules. I still get irritated by people and do not have the patience with others which is sometimes needed but I have increased awareness of when I am being judgemental and lacking compassion for others which enables me to choose how I continue to behave in that moment.

So what does my faith mean to me? It is very difficult to put into words, but I feel that only now I have started to truly understand my purpose in life. I feel an inner peace, and strength come over me when I stop and listen to God for his guidance and where ever I go I know I am never alone.


Michelle McArthur-Morgan worships at St Mary Magdalene, Altofts. 

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