Share your story for Lent…..”My time at New Hall”


Being a Mothers’ Union member has certainly provided many opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of worthwhile causes  world-wide.

A significant one came into my life twelve years ago. The Mothers’ Union asked for volunteers to work in the Mother and Baby Unit at New Hall Women’s Prison and as I always loved motherhood I looked forward to enjoying the contact with young mums and their babies.

I always feel that MU members provide a rather “grandmother-like” input, such as unconditional love, the imparting of good advice and the passing on of good child-care tips. No visit is ever the same. The number of mums and babies changes continually, although you do create links with those who stay for a while. It is a good feeling when the ladies trust you to look after their child while they catch up on the washing. It is a wonderful moment when one invites you into their room to discuss their baby and show you the wonderful clothes they have bought for the child by Mail order.

There is a sadness when entering the prison, with all its locked gates, but a joy in seeing the mothers and their children having the time and conditions to bond firmly together. Surely a good start in a young life.


Cynthia Hindley is pictured here at a local mothers and toddlers group.

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